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Environmental Commitments

This property meets the Green Sealtm standard for Hotels and Lodging Properties, GS-33, for waste minimization, water and energy efficiency, hazardous substances handling, and environmentally responsible purchasing.
Silver Level Certified

Signal Mountain Lodge recognizes the obligation to our guests, employees and park visitors of current and future generations, to operate in a manner that is not only environmentally responsible, but helps set the standard for the lodging industry. Since the 1980's, Signal Mountain Lodge has implemented policies and procedures that address waste reduction, re-use of goods, recycling, environmentally preferable purchasing, integrated pest management, water quality protection, energy and water conservation and other issues that affect the resources of Grand Teton National Park and our planet.

Signal Mountain Lodge is also dedicated to its program to minimize employee exposure to hazardous chemicals and cleaning products by using the least toxic materials available on the market. Pursuant of these policies and procedures, all departments and individuals have adopted and implemented measures to maximize efficiency in all aspects of environmental protection

In 2002, Signal Mountain Lodge received the Green Star Award from the Eagle Valley Alliance For Sustainability in Wyoming. In 2002, the Lodge also became the first National Park concessionaire and first business west of the Mississippi, to become Green Seal Certified.

2003 was a big year for Signal Mountain Lodge. In January, the Lodge became ISO 14001 registered for their environmental management system. In 2003, the Lodge also received the Department of Interior's Environmental Achievement Award and the National Park Service's Environmental Achievement Award. These are two of the most prestigious awards a concessionaire of the National Park Service is eligible to receive.

Signal Mountain Lodge also became a member of the EPA's Green Power Partnership Leaders Club, because 100% of their electrical power is offset with wind energy credits. All three of the Lodge restaurants; The Peaks, The Trapper Grill and Leek's Pizzeria, were the first businesses in Wyoming to achieve certification by the Green Restaurant Association.

Signal Mountain Lodge is a member of the EPA's Waste Wise Program, and in 2004, was admitted as members of the EPA's Environmental Performance Track Program. They are also partners in the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics.

Our Recycling Program:
The following items may be recycled in the blue recycling bin located in your room:

  • Aluminum Beverage Cans
  • Aluminum Foil and Pie Plates
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Magazines, Catalogues and Newspaper
  • Glass Bottles and Jars
  • Steel Food Cans
  • Plastic #1 PETE and Plastic #2 HDPE
  • Fishing Line
  • Batteries
  • Campstove Propane Cylinders
  • Phone Books

Our Efforts:
Signal Mountain Lodge is a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Restaurant Business Leader. All three of the Lodge restaurants were the first in Wyoming to achieve certification by the Green Restaurant Association.

In our continual effort to help conserve and preserve the natural resources of Grand Teton National Park and our planet we have implemented various environmental policies and standards. The following is a partial list highlighting our efforts.

We have established and maintained an extensive recycling program since 1990. In 2008 alone, we diverted 71 tons of waste from reaching the landfills through our recycling efforts. Signal currently recycles scrap metal, aluminum cans, aluminum foil, steel cans, glass, plastic bottles, newspaper, magazines, catalogues, office pack, cardboard, ink cartridges, old/broken computer equipment, batteries and fishing line.

Starting in 2002 we began a process of converting all of our incandescent and old fluorescent lighting with more energy efficient bulbs and fixtures.

Programmable timers and sensors are being implemented for lighting in low traffic areas. We use water conserving showerheads and faucets.

We use automatic dishwashing detergent that is biodegradable and does not contain NTA or chlorine bleach.

Signal uses environmentally responsible, naturally derived, nontoxic, non-phosphate, biodegradable, concentrated laundry detergents and cleaning products throughout our property.

We use latex and zero VOC paints and lower VOC stains.

The paper products used throughout our property are all recycled and meet or exceed the EPA's guidelines for post consumer content. This includes office materials, toilet paper, paper towels, napkins and facial tissue.

In the past 5 years Signal has reduced the amount of hazardous chemicals it uses by 75%

We use bulk soap dispensers in our guest units to help reduce waste from individually wrapped soap and shampoo products. Signal uses non-poisonous insecticides and pesticides. We offer environmentally responsible cleaning and paper products for sale in our convenience store.

Signal reuses the packaging material from incoming parcels in the shipping of our gift store items.

Signal is proud of its membership with the "Green Hotel Association".

Our Invitation To You: Signal Mountain Lodge's management and staff welcome you to join us in our efforts to protect and conserve our natural resources.

If you would like to reuse your towels to help us conserve water and minimize the release of detergents into the environment please re-hang them on your towel rack.

We invite you to utilize our recycling receptacles located in your room and throughout the property.

We invite you to share any ideas for the betterment of our program with us. Please use the comment cards located throughout the property or stop by the front desk.

We invite you to help us conserve energy by making sure your heat is turned down and your lights are turned off before you leave your room.

Signal Mountain Lodge has implemented solar power to help aid in lighting the campgrounds.

Together, we can make Signal Mountain Lodge and Grand Teton National Park a shining example of how conservation and recycling can work toward a better tomorrow.

For more information on our environmental committment, please visit Forever Earth.

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